Getting Certified-Management Systems ISO 19011-ISO PROS #31

Getting Certified & Implementing Management Systems ISO 19011

How can you make companies or businesses start looking for your services when in need of auditing management systems? Having the certification of the right standard. Something you need to remember before we continue is that some ISO standards are regulatory and mandatory for companies.

And every industry has its own standards, which means that no company can run from implementing at least a couple of ones. That being said, most of the standards companies implement aren’t mandatory but rather for the benefits they bring to the management systems they are focused on. If you provide or manage an audit program, you need to meet with one standard in specific: ISO 19011.

This will tell companies what you are capable of since your principles and methods to carry out an audit are right based on the guidelines from this standard. But to make this happen, you not only need to implement the standard and follow every guideline. It is also necessary to get certified once you have met every element and aspect in the normative.

Otherwise, how can you have a seal of approval that confirms you have invested time, effort, and resources in implementing it? A certification does exactly this, and you can obtain it once you have finished with the implementation.

But from who?

At ISO Pros, we are a validated company in ISO standards that can provide two elemental things in this journey: support and certification.

If you need help understanding and implementing an ISO, including 19011 in specific, we will make sure to send an expert or assign you one that can help you with the entire process. Once you—and our expert—are done with the procedure, we will carry out a final assessment to get you certified.

Now, you can also access your certification by requesting one without having to go through our training or support options. We will go forward with the evaluation and audit to determine if some non-conformities need or changes still need to deal with.


What are the benefits of getting certified?

Besides the ones we have mentioned so far, let’s make it simple: you can’t enjoy all your benefits—from the standard—unless you have a seal of approval as well. ISO 19011 is mandatory for organizations, companies, or particulars that manage audit programs and will conduct or plan them. Therefore, there is no way you can escape from this.

And the certification will show the organizations in charge of reviewing and controlling the standards and regulations that you meet every requirement and parameter. Besides, we have discussed the major benefit of the standard previously. However, if this is your first time or you are not aware of every detail, we don’t mind repeating it: it allows you to conduct audits step-by-step.

The opportunities of having guidance in such a complicated and difficult process are usually none, and this is almost every ISO standard. After all, these documents establish requirements that need to be met, most of them don’t provide guidelines with these aspects that companies have to fulfill. Instead, struggling and figuring out every change that must take place and step required is what most companies go through.

But you don’t have to go through the same when it comes to learning about auditing management systems, organizing or planning them, and providing the final results. Overall, there is a lot to consider during this ISO standard, and the certification is the last part of the entire procedure, but not because of this it is the less important part. You will obtain it after so much hard work, time, and invested resources, which is why we also encourage you to request it and use it wisely since it brings extra benefits apart from the standard itself.

When can you get certified?

Once you have met all the requirements, you can come to our company and request an assessment or evaluation. Most companies usually contact us for our consulting, support, and auditing services, which help them to go in the right direction with the implementation. After all, we also have a systematic and pragmatic way to implement ISOs which speeds up the process and allows your company to get certified much faster.

But as we mentioned before, you don’t have to access our support or assistance. You can go directly to our certification service and one of our auditors will carry out the assessment to provide you with it once it is done and it has been determined that you meet every requirement. Now, when it comes to a more specific question such as, when can you start implementing ISO 19011, this is quite different.

Your company is always ready to implement it, even if you didn’t do it at the beginning. Most organizations and particulars that manage audit program or plan and conduct them, worry about implementing it since the very start.

But if you have missed it so far, this is normal even with mandatory standards. Therefore, don’t worry, you are on time as long as you also give it a priority and make sure to mark it from your checklist in no time. There is a lot you can do to speed up the process, such as assigning several employees or dealing with the implementation yourself while we assist you.

If you are interested in knowing more about our options and certifications, you are free to contact us. We suggest you ask all your questions and let us know your doubts.

We are open to receive any company or person in need of this standard all year round, but what we ask from you is to be as specific and detailed as possible with your needs. As for getting certified, don’t worry, the process is fast and it will be over before you even notice it. For this and more, you can contact us using all the options we have available, including requesting a free quote for any of our services.